О нас 

Wyser – международная компания-провайдер в области поиска и отбора высокопрофессиональных кандидатов. Наша миссия –  изменить жизнь людей и поддержать компании в развитии их бизнеса.

Wyser  – надежный партнер, который формирует вашу бизнес-стратегию для успешного будущего

наш подход –            Безупречное качество сервиса

карьерный консультант, который помогает вам достичь        ваших целей

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When it comes to quality we accept no compromises.
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A career coach that builds your future together with you.


Международная модель: представительства на 3-х континентах, кросс-региональные решения, международные программы мобильности и партнерства

Консалтинг-алгоритм к подбору персонала: анализ компаний-заказчиков и их потребностей, индивидуальный поиск и интеграция, стратегия управления кандидатами

Специализация по сегментации рабочих мест (ноу-хау и создание ценности) и субспециализация по отраслям

Эксклюзивная методология, которую можно кастомизировать под потребности компаний и кандидатов

Фокус на построении долгосрочных партнерских отношений с компаниями-клиентами и кандидатами

Brand values


We know that our work impacts on people’s lives and is instrumental to the further success of Companies. We care about the people we work with and we see this as our main responsibility. We never lose sight of the human aspect and we always maintain the highest professional and personal ethics.


We are committed to excellence. Our greatest ambition is to constantly deliver services that are of the highest quality. To achieve this we work with the best teams available in the industry who are determined to get the job done in the best possible way. We succeed not only because we have years of solid experience, we also succeed because we want to change and get better in what we do, every single day.


We truly understand our clients’ needs and challenges. We are entrepreneurs too! We know that no client is the same and that tailor made solutions are required. We have a lot of experience in our industry, which we use every day. However to stay competitive in this rapidly changing world, we constantly try to be innovative in our approach to ensure we offer our clients the best solutions and services possible.


Alone you might go faster, together you go further! We strongly believe that we can achieve more by working together. Working closely with our clients, our candidates and our colleagues internally, will deliver the best outcome for all. Our “GloCal” approach connects people and solutions globally and locally and ensures commitment and enthusiasm when working all together.

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Access to unexpected opportunities thanks to insightful knowledge and smart advices.

At Wyser, we are committed to matching growing companies with talented managers.

Your recruitment needs and your journey in finding the right career move are handled by a consultant who has depth knowledge of the sector you operate in.

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